Welcome to my homepage !

My name is Yvonne Kleijn and I live with my husband Jurgen in Holland. We have two dogs - a great dane, one Daxhound - and 7 cats.

All through my life, cats have been my great passion. As a child I always had at least two cats - and although I love all animals, I have always admired cats for their independence, their agility and their intelligence.

In the early 70ties I got my first siamese, and when I went to a catshow with her, and was winning with her too, I discovered the catfancy.

My first litters were bred from my first siamese, but when I became a judge in 1979 I decided it was time to face a new challenge.

I wanted to breed the oriental silver tabby, which by that time was only just being bred in England, and still unknown in Holland.
I furthermore imported Chatbrooks Charisma, who was 5 generation after the first silverbreed mating. She turned out to be the healthiest cat and produced 8 kittensin each litter and raised them singelehandedly!!!! She lived till the respectable age of 16 years.

From England I imported, in 1979, a black spotted oriental tabby, Folklore Tumble Moon, bred by Mary McAdam. She became my favourite cat throughout her life even though she never produced a litter for me.

After getting the silvertabbies and smokes recognised in the independent clubs in the beginning of the 80ties, I decided to move on and follow another dream.

Whilst I was breeding the silvers I had always wondered why nobody bred the bi- and tricolours in the Oriental Shorthairs, and with a group of friends - nonrelated to the catfancy - I laid out a breeding program.

in the early 90ties this wondeful variety got its recognition in the independent clubs here in Holland, mid 90ties in the world organisations CFA and TICA, and only recently in the FIFe organisation. The remaining goal is to get this breed recognised in the GCCF in England.

At the eastern 2005 Mundikat show at Arnhem, we managed to get the positive advice of the judges panel and at the General Assembly the Siamese with whites (Seychellois) got reckognised.

My cats live with me in my house, kittens are born in the bedroom where they stay till 5 weeks old. After that they are moving in with the adult cats.

I have 5 queens and two boys at home and breed four to five litters a year. I love working together with people and have only the well being of my cats at mind whilst I try to be creative about the breed itself.

Character and health are very important in my cats because 99 percent of my kittens go to petowners where they have happy neutred lifes.

I always prefer to place my kittens in families and homes and make sure they have sheltered lives.

I am privileged to have breeder-friends all over the world - who have the same standards as I have and care for our beloved four-footers in a way I would do myself. So breeding the bicolours has not only taking place in my house, but also in friends and families homes. Catharine Bastide and I have been working togehter closely since the day in 1990 she gave me EL SHAKLAN ESMIJA, a tortie and white female, when I needed new lines. Our breeding cooperation and friendship is one of those wonderfull bonusses one gets on top of the joy of breeding this wonderful creature called CAT!!!!
Working together in a partnership has enabled me to keep my own group of cats small and therefore the well being of them living here is guaranteed. I dont believe a cat is happy in a large household since they are what I love so much in them - SOLITAIRES!

I hope you'll enjoy your visit here, and feel free to contact me if you like to :-)

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Our dog - Diva, a Great Dane

Our dog, Lotje - a Daxhound